Basic Money Management

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Young woman and financial coachBasic Money Management

Basic Money Management is a financial literacy program designed to strengthen the money management skills of low- to moderate-income women by providing tools to help with budgeting, credit and debt issues. Participants will gain an understanding of the key components of successful money management and will be provided with useful financial resources and opportunities. This education is geared to the diverse needs of women across the life cycle.

The course consists of the following comprehensive topics:

  1. Developing a Spending Plan: Financial goal setting, developing a budget/spending plan, and savings strategies
  2. Managing Credit and Debt: Understanding your credit report and improving your credit score
  3. Building A Secure Financial Future: Banking opportunities, savings options, and avoiding predatory practices

Participants must commit to complete the entire course consisting of 2 (two hour) modules, which generally occur from 6:00-8:00 pm for two consecutive evenings at YWCA. Free childcare and transportation vouchers are available.

Please contact Contact Financial Education Specialist Fabiola Alfonso or call 847-864-8445 for further information.

Basic Money Management classes are available in both English and Spanish at YWCA.

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YWCA Financial Education Specialist with a smiling client
I see clients come to the first class stressed. Then at the end of the class they are much more relaxed. We have a graduation after the course and when they receive their portfolio and their certificate of completion they have a different attitude toward finances and they celebrate and they are more hopeful that they can achieve the financial goals they have. 
Fabiola Alfonso (left), with a participant