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YWCA USA: Stop Allowing Abuse

9 February 2018
STATEMENT BY YWCA USA CEO ALEJANDRA Y. CASTILLO “Domestic violence continues to be an epidemic impacting one in four women in the United States. One of the primary reasons domestic... Read More

We Need Real Solutions, Not Platitudes

31 January 2018
Statement by YWCA USA CEO, Alejandra Y. Castillo “In last night’s State of the Union address, President Trump doubled down on his standard dog-whistle of divisive rhetoric and scapegoating our... Read More

Shutdown Hurts Women, Families, And Communities Of Color

19 January 2018
STATEMENT BY YWCA USA CEO ALEJANDRA Y. CASTILLO “We are deeply disappointed in Congress’ failure to do their jobs and fund programs that support women, families, and our communities. “The... Read More

YWCA USA: Support Survivors and Speak Out

13 December 2017
STATEMENT BY YWCA USA CEO ALEJANDRA Y. CASTILLO “Recently, new stories of sexual assault and harassment dominate the news cycle. But women, survivors and advocates confront these issues every day,... Read More