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YW Strive is a free 8-week job training program designed to prepare students for success in office jobs that require basic computer skills. The program is available to traditionally underrepresented or vulnerable populations, such as women of color, survivors of domestic violence, justice-involved individuals, and low-wage workers. 

The training is welcoming to those without a high school diploma or GED and individuals who are 18 years of age or older who are interested in working in an office setting. 

YW Strive Students will… 

  • Week 1: Learn how to use word processors and build a resume 
  • Week 2: Learn the functions and social etiquette of email 
  • Week 3: Learn about managing your money 
  • Week 4: Learn how to use spreadsheets and build a budget 
  • Week 5: Learn how to manage and organize digital files 
  • Week 6: Learn how to keep yourself safe online 
  • Week 7: Learn how to use LinkedIn and create a profile 
  • Week 8: Learn how to prepare for a Zoom interview 

Questions?  Email Juan Fuentes at jfuentes@ywca-ens.org.


Upcoming Virtual Informational Sessions:  

New information sessions will be announced soon!

Attendance at an information is mandatory to register for YW Strive

Upcoming Cohort 

  • February 23 – April 13 

Class Schedule   

  • Thursdays from 1-4pm at the YWCA 
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