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It used to be that women and girls weren’t encouraged to swim. And African-Americans were often denied access to public swimming pools.

Access to swimming is an important part of our YWCA history.

We actively reach out to children in our community who don’t know how to swim, don’t have access to lessons or can’t afford the cost. And as a lead partner in Evanston Swims!, we provide free swim instruction to every 2nd grader in Evanston Public Schools.

We’re committed to honoring our inclusive history by ensuring our aquatics program is welcoming to everyone. Because everyone should learn to swim. For life!

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What makes our swim program special?

  • Consistency: our swim lesson instructors and swim coaches are professionals, almost all of whom have been with us for many years
  • Character: our coaching methods and objectives reinforce life lessons that apply in and out of the pool
  • Community: we are a part of a mission-based not-for-profit organization. We believe that every child should learn to swim, and we reach out to members of our community whose children might not otherwise have that opportunity.

Our swimmers and their families are likewise compassionate and committed – each year the swim team raises close to $100,000 to support the programs and services of YWCA Evanston/North Shore, funds that flow right back into making our communities better places to live for all our members.


This is an organization that truly meets people where they are in their lives, whether it’s our swim program or our domestic violence program. When you walk in the door, we say “How can we accompany you? What can we do to help you move forward?”