Equity in Evanston

About the Equity in Evanston Project:

YWCA Evanston/North Shore is launching this first-of-its-kind project, Equity in Evanston, to begin to explore how our communities are advancing —or failing to advance — equity. Equity means that all community members have access to the same opportunities to achieve their full potential, regardless of their background or identity.

As we developed this project, we asked:

  • What do the data on our community and the stories of residents and leaders tell us about equity and opportunity right here in Evanston?
  • Are there gaps and barriers preventing some of our neighbors and children from reaching their full potential?
  • If so, what can we, as individuals and as a community, do about it?

We provide this preliminary summary to expand the conversation around equity and to encourage us to work collaboratively to take action.


Evanston’s Equity Snapshot

Evanston's Non-White Population

Source: US Census Bureau

Evanston's Per Capita Income

Source: US Census Bureau


3.5x higher

Rates of uninsured Evanston residents of color, as compared to white residents 

Source: American Community Survey (2012-2016)


4 years

Difference in life expectancy in primarily non-white  communities (79 years old) and primarily white communities (83 years old) in Evanston

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention



Proportion of Evanston
residents who are black

Source: US Census Bureau



Proportion of people stopped
and frisked by Evanston Police
who are black

Source: City of Evanston



The rate of high-interest loans in a majority white (93%) census tract in Evanston.



The rate of high-interest loans in a majority black (55%) census tract in Evanston.

Source: US Dept of Housing and Urban Development


We still need to be very vocal, be loud, to convince the people who hold the power to make the structural changes accountable and to validate & elevate the experts who do know how to make those changes. Equity is the outcome of removing those barriers.
Karen Courtright, Citizen Police Complaint Assessment Ctte.

What Can I Do?


Review our recommendations to make Evanston more equitable.

Review our recommended resources to deepen your understanding of equity.

Review our Policy and Advocacy platform to learn about making systems-level change.