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Equity Institute

YWCA’s Equity Institute is dedicated to promoting racial equity at all levels. In order to do so, we engage with individuals, community groups, and institutions. Our full range of training & education, community engagement programs, racial equity resources, and annual events offers opportunities for all to develop the knowledge and resources to move towards racial equity.

We believe that all people have the right to be heard, and we believe in the value of listening. We also believe that education exposes truth and leads to greater understanding, and ultimately, to action.

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Photo of Monique Parsons
The YWCA is able to ask the tough questions. And they are able to allow room and space in a very comfortable environment to have those discussions so that people feel comfortable and courageous. They bring different people to the table to have difficult conversations around equity and around racial justice that Evanston has never had the platform to do before.
Monique Parsons, McGaw YMCA President/CEO

Listen and learn more from our racial equity educators!

Learn more about our young men’s leadership and “Building Healthy Relationships” programs by listening to this “It’s Skokie” podcast. It features Antonio Rice (Violence Prevention Educator) and Eileen Hogan Heineman (Manager, Equity Institute Community Outreach) talking about our violence prevention and racial equity work in Skokie — programs which are available in many other communities in northeastern suburban Chicagoland.