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The Advancement Project

Advancement Project Participant with her financial coachAre you interested in being paired with a volunteer financial coach to work towards greater financial stability?

If you have completed our Basic Money Management Course (or a money management class that covers budgeting and credit), and are interested in reducing expenses, paying down debt, starting to save, and are ready to invest time to create a financial plan, we invite you to enroll in the Advancement Project.

Apply today to be matched with a financial coach. You will determine your goal and action steps; your Financial Coach will support you towards its achievement.

As a result of your coaching sessions, you will develop positive financial habits and gain confidence about managing your money. You will empower yourself to reach your financial dreams.

Interested in receiving financial coaching?

To become a participant and be matched with a financial coach, register here or contact Fabiola Alfonso at falfonso@ywca-ens.org or at (847) 864-8445 for additional information.

Interested in becoming a volunteer financial coach?

To become a volunteer financial coach, register here for Volunteer Financial Coach Training or contact the Economic Advancement Director Shannon Callahan at scallahan@ywca-ens.org or (847) 864-8445 for more information.