Why We Support the Campaign for the Future

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Deb Price“I spent my career in two male-dominated industries, academic medicine and automotive manufacturing, so I know from experience how women have been left behind in terms of empowerment, financial stability, equity and safety. Through employees, friends, acquaintances and news media, I came to realize how many women suffer abuse – physical, emotional and financial – or face racism, disempowerment and inequality…” continue reading here
-Deb Price, YWCA-ENS board member

Photo of Sylvia Bateman“For me, the work of the YWCA is critical to help create a more just and equitable society and the current political environment and pandemic have only demonstrated the increasing importance of this work.

“This Campaign will enable the YWCA to enhance its facilities, services and programs across its domestic violence, economic advancement, and racial and gender equity work, as well as enhance its historic swim program.  By directly supporting this Campaign, I am pleased to help the YWCA continue to grow its services and programs to meet the needs of our communities.  I hope that you will join me and other supporters to enable the YWCA to continue its good and needed work. ”

-Sylvia Bateman, YWCA-ENS Board Member


Ann B“Violence against women and domestic violence are issues I care deeply about. I realized that Mary Lou’s Place, the YWCA’s current domestic violence shelter, could be more and do more to help abused women in our community. That is why I am helping to build a new campus and emergency shelter.”
-Ann Balusek, YWCA-ENS Advisory Council

Photo of Carmen Corbet“I strongly endorse the Campus Expansion Campaign, which will allow the YWCA to expand the capacity of programs that empower survivors of domestic violence. It will enable more women to thrive by promoting economic advancement and independence. It will engender greater racial and gender equity. And it will provide opportunities through our youth swim programs to achieve greater self-esteem and a sense of community.”

-Carmen Corbett, YWCA-ENS Board Member


Jen Steans“I believe the Campaign for the Future will significantly enhance YWCA’s ability to ensure the safety and economic security for all women through the expansion of both its facilities and services. Furthermore, through the thought leadership of its diverse Board and leadership team, the newly created Equity Institute will be positioned to play a key role in furthering our mission of eliminating racism.”
-Jen Steans, YWCA-ENS board member and Chair, Campaign for the Future

“Perhaps you [i.e., my friend] had an experience like mine this year. While so many people were suffering with illness and lost employment, I was watching the value of some stock I own go up and up and up. This didn’t feel right, so I decided to give some of it away. The YWCA was a natural partner for my philanthropy.

“I like to give to local organizations that I know are doing good work and are well managed. I had no doubt about the work of the YWCA both within its building and as a community partner. Through various interactions over the years as a donor, consultant, and volunteer, I have witnessed the YWCA’s determination to treat survivors of domestic violence with dignity and compassion. This work spoke to me, since I strongly believe the trauma of family violence has long-term effects not only on the women but also on children in the family. Safe spaces and timely intervention save lives. What could be more important?

“No one entering the building would doubt how much renovation and additional space were needed. The new YWCA Evanston/North Shore makes a statement. It says, here families will be safe and treated with dignity while they begin the healing process. Staff and community members who use the YWCA for recreation and gatherings will finally have up-to-date facilities.

“I was vaguely aware of the capital campaign. However, giving to a capital campaign of this magnitude seemed out of reach to me until I decided to give away some of that stock. Now I’m delighted to see the construction proceeding and to think I played a very small part in making it happen. I hope you will join me in contributing to the YWCA capital campaign and celebrating the good work of this stellar organization.”

-an anonymous donor