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Hallie Cohen

Relationships are a Spectrum

Thursday, October 8, 2020

by Hallie Cohen YWCA Violence Prevention Educator As someone who has been doing prevention education work for 5 years now, I’ve been on both the participating and facilitating end of countless trainings on domestic violence. Almost every training presents the alarming rate of domestic violence and a list of “red flags”—behaviors that may indicate a… Continue Reading Relationships are a Spectrum

Mom with smiling baby

Want to support our most vulnerable? Here’s how

Friday, September 18, 2020

Walk around any suburban neighborhood these days, and you’ll see lawn signs that say “We support our essential workers! We’re all in this together.” Are we making good on that promise? The coronavirus pandemic has heightened systemic social injustices and women are overrepresented in many of the fields most affected—education, health care, food and hospitality.… Continue Reading Want to support our most vulnerable? Here’s how

Talking and thought bubbles

Talking to Your Kids About Racism

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

This summer has challenged us when it comes to how we approach conversations about racism and the systemic racial injustices that permeate our society. From social media slide-show style infographics to restructuring diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives throughout corporate America, there has been a national “call-in” for discussions on race relations. It’s on the news, and it’s even been on Nickelodeon. At YWCA, we’ve been sounding the alarm all… Continue Reading Talking to Your Kids About Racism