The Power of Women in Philanthropy

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The Power of Women in Philanthropy

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by Brenda Asare, Campaign Counsel, The Alford Group

Brenda Asare, President and CEO, The Alford Group

The face of who is considered a philanthropist is changing. There is growing recognition and research on the role that women’s philanthropy plays in tackling urgent and critical issues like closing the inequality wealth gap, reducing violence, enabling workforce development, and advancing social justice. Research bears out the fact that women are more likely to engage in prosocial behavior both through volunteerism and giving to benefit others.

Two hallmarks of the YWCA Campaign for the Future are the high-level leadership and inclusive involvement of women. This campaign has been planned and led by women who bring effective management, strategic engagement of diverse women from across the YWCA’s 16 communities and passionate commitment to bettering the lives of women and girls. They understand that investing in women and girls yields one of the best social returns.

The leadership of women who are galvanizing philanthropy to create greater opportunities for women and girls sets this campaign apart from 98% of the campaigns currently underway right now. This YWCA campaign is truly breaking new ground and challenging the conventions.

We are proud of the staff and our campaign volunteers who are leading the way when it comes to amplifying how women are just doing it!