YW Tech Lab’s Web Development Apprenticeship Program

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Our Purpose

The goal of the apprenticeship program is to strengthen the competitive employment position of YW Tech Lab graduates by building student’s confidence and technical proficiencies by engaging them in the development of real-world websites 

Participants work collaboratively on website development in partnership with other graduates and Northwestern’s Computer Science Department. Participants earn a small stipend for their work and build work for their portfolios.  

Who are our clients?

We work with small, woman and/or minority-owned local businesses. Click here to see a site that our students created!

Who participates in the Web Development Apprenticeship Program?

  • YW Tech Lab Graduates 
  • Northwestern Computer Science Department’s students and professors (link here to department and NU staff and students who support us?) 
  • YWCA’s Women in Tech Council

What our participants gain

What to expect

in the first 10 weeks apprentices will learn and review
  • HTML & CSS  
  • Intro to the software development lifecycle 
  • Intro to Design 
  • GitHub 
  • Project management  
in the second 10 weeks apprentices will
  • Design and build a real website with a real client  
  • Experience with the entire software development lifecycle, including:  
    • User research, needs assessment, requirements gathering 
    • Low- and High-Fidelity Prototyping 
    • Engineering the website (coding + working with collaborative software development tools). 
    • Working as a team, setting goals, revising them, and ultimately achieving them 
    • Communicating with the client and getting feedback 

Meet our apprentices

Laciesha Powell

I joined the YW Tech Lab after a career in banking to learn more about technology — computers, cell phones, tablets, and websites that make the world go ’round. Since joining the program, I have completed two Oakton web development courses, built a real-world website, and have been working for 7 months in a tech career training program sponsored by Google. Building websites and bringing them to life for the entire world to see brings great joy and excitement to my life. Technology is ever evolving… it never stops growing, you never stop learning, and there are so many directions to pursue. I am interested in learning all there is to know about front-end web development, continuing my education, and exploring other directions in the tech industry. 

Andrea Gayle  

I am presently employed in the Finance field as a Commercial Credit and Collections Specialist. Due to my recent experience with the YW-Tech Portfolio Team, I now have an interest in exploring a career in the Tech Industry as a Web Development and Design Consultant.? Working on Answer the Moment helped me discover that I enjoy helping people to identify their needs and communicate their ideas to make their offerings more marketable using web design and coding.? I love puzzles and it is fascinating to me that I can enter a series of codes to create a picture on the web. I am looking forward to a role which will enable me to further cultivate my natural creativity, and to see the results of my design renderings coming to life in the virtual space.

Gillian DeGuzman

I am currently seeking full-time I would like an entry-level position in educational technology or a position at a library or school that could put to use my experience in education and technology. I am also interested in a career in healthcare, but have no previous experience in the field, so I am open to any apprenticeship positions. I currently work in retail and have 10+ years of experience in customer service. I completed YWeb Tech Lab and earned 7 credits at Oakton Community College in Web. I have skills in website design and development (collaborated on Answer the Moment, LLC, website), education applications (Seesaw, Unique n2y, Boardmaker, Schoology, Notability, Powerschool), customer service, lesson planning, and de-escalation skills.

Janice Cunningham 

I am a Web Developer Consultant who enjoys the design aspects of building websites 

I was working in the medical field, but my passion was always in technology. My goal is to pursue a certificate in Web Development, my dream job is to work as a front-end consultant in the tech industry.? My biggest achievement is when I participate in building a website with a team from the Y Tech Lab, my contribution was to work on the contact form enabling the user to interact with text area and to submit forms. I also work on the speaking engagements that allow clients to click on a link that would take them to YOUTUBE to watch the speech. I create images as placeholders to display the speeches’ by using (image source, and alt attribute.)  

Anita Perkins 

In July 2022, I started as an associate in the CI Business/Digital Unit at Bosch. Before starting at Bosch, my professional career consisted of 12+ years of experience in the insurance industry, ranging from Claim Resolution to Customer Service. I wanted a career change and to explore my creative interests. 

In December 2020, I received an email from YWCA about a 12-week free web design courses that provided coding skills (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) for women to enter the tech field in entry level or internships positions.  I was intrigued about learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript and creating/designing my own websites.  Also, the courses were free, remote, and aligned with my work schedule and home life. 

In January 2021, I enrolled in two courses at Oakton Community College: Introduction to Web Development and Advanced Web Development.  I also felt encouraged by the presence of other women within my age range and education level (Bachelor and master’s degrees). 

Prior to enrolling, I had no knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  However, completing the two courses motivated me to go further and obtain a Website Development Certificate. 

Within eighteen months, I accomplished the following: 

  • Design Consultant for Answer the Moment website (1st client) 
  • Graduated from YWeb Technology Group as Design Consultant 
  • Earned my Website Development Certificate 
  • Created responsive websites databases 
  • Designed my own blog 

I enjoyed learning front-end/back-end development, managing the complete lifecycle of web/interactive experience, implementing/launching the site and accomplishing my goal for a new and career.