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Until Justice Just IsUNITED WE STAND.

Until the land of the free is free of racism.

Until the home of the brave is brave enough to change.

Until “by the people” and “for the people” means doing right by all the people.

Until justice just is.

For over 160 years, YWCA has been on the front lines advocating for equal pay, immigration reform, voting rights, and many other issues that impact women, girls, and BIPOC communities.

*Black, Indigenous, and people of color


Justice is an end to systemic racism.

We know that racism is more than personal bias. Racism continues because it is built into our institutions and policies, fostering predictable patterns of inequity.

We are dedicated to promoting racial and gender equity at the individual, interpersonal, and institutional levels by partnering with individuals and institutions through training and education, community engagement programs, and annual events.

Justice is financial and economic parity.

We are committed to making our communities places in which ALL women and girls, especially marginalized and vulnerable populations like Black and Brown women and survivors of domestic violence, can thrive. We focus on providing opportunities to become empowered, confident, and competent through education, workforce training, and engagement.


Since our inception, we’ve fought systemic racism and broken down barriers to racial and economic justice. Our work has never been more critical—and neither has your activism, your participation, and your support.

Here’s how you can join us:


Engage us as your partner in becoming a more equitable institution.


Build skills and strategies to become anti-racist by attending a racial equity workshop.


Access resources to guide your racial justice journey and invite others along.


Support YWCA's work to address the effects of systemic racism in our communities.