Equity Summit

Since 2016, we’ve held an annual Equity Summit, bringing together community members and equity practitioners to share emerging frameworks, models, and practices with the hopes of advancing racial equity and transforming our communities. 

Changes in 2022

This year, instead of a two-day convening, we are sponsoring unique learning sessions throughout the year led by community facilitators and special guests.

If you are a racial equity facilitator interested in presenting

If you are interested in growing your toolbox for transforming your community toward equity


YWCA Evanston/North Shore has a deep and abiding commitment to working on issues of economic, gender and racial justice; particularly in the places where these systems of oppression overlap each other. There is little doubt that the systemic oppression of people of color in the United States remains painfully alive. Even when we do not want to see it or speak of it, deep in our core, we are quite aware that:

  • the rules and standards that govern our lives are skewed in favor of some and against others;
  • power and opportunity are distributed inequitably;
  • the basic rights of citizenship are unequally available; and
  • race and racism shape each of the previous points.

The focus of our annual Equity Summit is on strengthening the skills and knowledge of all of us who are committed to doing equity work in our local communities — no matter where we are.

Previous Summit highlights:

  • The 2021 Equity Summit was funded in part by a grant from Healing Illinois.

    Non-Profit Partners:

    Connections for the Homeless
    Evanston Community Foundation
    Evanston Public Library
    Evanston Scholars

  • New York Times columnist Jamelle Bouie being interviewed by WBEZ Chicago South Side Reporter Natalie Moore (left below) on this moment in time: why George Floyd’s murder created this state of reckoning in our country and where we go from here.
  •  A panel discussion on Transforming Our Systems: What COVID-19 Reminds Us about Race and Next Steps with YWCA Equity Institute Director Tiffany McDowell, Professor of African and African American Studies at Harvard University, Dr. Evelynn Hammonds, retired Assistant Director of the Illinois Department of Public Health, Evonda Thomas-Smith and Executive Director of the Latino Policy Forum, Sylvia Puente. 

Watch the videos below:

Featured speakers Jamelle Bouie and Natalie Moore
Transforming Our Systems: What COVID-19 Reminds Us about Race and Next Steps