Training Opportunities for Salon Professionals

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Salon training
Wendy Dickson, YWCA Director of Domestic Violence Prevention and Training, at a salon training in November 2018

Salon professionals are key allies in helping fight the epidemic of domestic abuse in Illinois, where 1 in 4 women experience abuse and 1 in 5 women are sexually assaulted. Salon professionals are in the unique position to recognize the signs and symptoms of abuse in their clients and co-workers and discretely refer them to supportive services.

We’re here to help

YWCA Evanston/North Shore is the only provider of comprehensive domestic violence services serving Northeast Cook County for the past 30 years.  Our deep experience with survivors of domestic violence and 20 plus years of training medical and legal professionals on domestic violence makes us the best partner to train salon professionals.

We’re local

Our experience training professional on domestic violence tells us that building ties with an organization in your community who can provide ongoing training support to you and be a resource for your clients is the best training partner.  We will offer trainings across northern Cook County once the IDFPR releases the rules governing the training process. To stay updated sign up for more information today! Salons can also host their own on-site training for all of their professionals.

We have well-trained facilitators

Professionals learning about domestic violence often bring their own personal experiences of abuse to the workshop.  Having a skilled facilitator on site, along with a domestic violence counselor, helps participants address their own immediate needs so they can offer support and resources to their clients.

Learn the signs and offer resources

The state approved curriculum designed for salon professionals will help participants learn the signs of domestic violence and sexual assault and offer local resources they can pass along to their clients.  No one expects salon professionals to become counselors, but they can be a critical link in getting the word out about local resources.

How you’ll refer clients for support

Professionals completing our training program will be provided with a specially designed and salon approved mirror decal and discrete information cards to place in their client restroom. A survey of local salons indicated that clients would most likely take information about domestic violence support services if they could do it in the privacy of the restroom.  A decal will also be available for salon professionals who prefer to apply it to their station mirror.

Please complete the information below to learn about upcoming training opportunities or to host a training on site for your employees.

Salon Professionals Training in Domestic Violence