Impact – Stories

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Sarah's Story

Board Member and former shelter resident Sarah Malone tells her story.

Latrena and Louise's Story

Hear from YWCulinary Graduates about the impact of the program on their lives.


“I've become MUCH more aware of "white privilege" and come to understand the difficulties facing others who are not white. I'm also trying to find ways of helping other white folks see this, too.”
Let's Talk @ Lunch Participant
“I really feel [my counselor] helped me, she understood me, encouraged me and helped to process the problems that I had in my life and still have some. When I see her my heart shines.”
Community Counseling Client
"I would like to thank the YWCA for this program, as well as all the programs you offer to empower women. I have learned valuable skills that will be put to good use. My only with is that the program could be longer!"
YWCulinary Participant