Board Engagement Through an Equity Lens: Recruitment and Onboarding

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Board Engagement Through an Equity Lens: Recruitment and Onboarding

October 25, 2022 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Heather Sweeney

Is your board stuck when it comes to identifying and recruiting new board members, particularly BIPOC, Women, or LGBTQ+ candidates?


Are you looking for strategies for growing meaningful partnerships with the communities you serve? Does your board struggle with its onboarding process and getting new board members engaged with your work? Are you looking to take your board recruitment cycle to the next level? Join us as we discuss strategy and complete activities to drive your engagement forward.

You will engage in small group breakout discussions with your colleagues, and will have occasional pre-readings before sessions. You will also leave with templates and resources that can be incorporated into your board recruitment and onboarding policies and procedures.

We recommend, though do not require, executive director/leadership and at least one board member participation.

Session 1: Learn why board diversity matters and the assessments your organization should complete before recruitment.

Session 2: Learn how to identify and communicate with prospective candidates about your organization’s work

Session 3: Learn how to onboard and orient new board members

Session 4: Learn how to support board members in their journey

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Recordings of missed sessions will be available to registrants.

Please contact us with a manageable fee if the costs are prohibitive to your participation.