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Advance Equitable Policy Change

Throughout the year, you can engage decision makers and encourage them to advance equitable policy change.

Here are seven ways:

  1. Call or email your representatives in Congress. Senator Durbin can be reached here & Senator Duckworth can be reached here. You can find who your representative is here.
  2. Call or email your state representative & state senator. You can find who your state elected officials are here, along with their contact information.
  3. Meet with your representatives in Congress. Your members of Congress are most likely available to meet during days listed as “District Work Period” in this calendar.
  4. Meet with your state representative & state senator. Your state representative & state senator are most likely available to meet during days that are not listed as “SESSION” in this calendar.
  5. Submit witness slips on state bills that you care about. Witness slips are quick ways to indicate your support or opposition to bills that are up for consideration in the Illinois General Assembly. An easy guide to submitting a witness slip is available here, along with a full guide available here.
  6. Speak at your local town or city council meetings. Every municipality is different, but most have open meetings listed on their websites where the public can submit written and/or oral comments on local issues under consideration. For maximum impact, gather your neighbors to speak on an issue together.
  7. VOTE in your local, state, and federal elections. You can check your voter registration, get election reminders, register to vote, and request an absentee ballot here.